Sports Camera Operators: 3 Financial Impacts To Consider For An Auto Accident Settlement

Posted on: 15 July 2016

If you love sports, being a sports camera operator is a great way to attend live games and work with other sports fans, but the job also requires a lot of strength and endurance. If you've been involved in a car accident, then your ability to operate a camera may be impacted due to injuries. Not only will you lose out on your traditional income, but there may be other financial impacts to consider while you're missing work.
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Help Your Preschooler Feel Secure And Remain Well-Adjusted If You And Your Spouse Are Divorcing

Posted on: 29 June 2016

If your preschooler is having trouble accepting the fact that you and your spouse will be divorcing and living in separate households, the following tips may help them cope with the situation. As long as you and your child's other parent strive to keep your offspring's needs met and provide unconditional love to them, they may feel secure and remain well-adjusted. Set Up A Fair Visitation Schedule Through Your Lawyer
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Two Divorce Tips To Keep In Mind

Posted on: 20 June 2016

The divorce process can be intimidating for anyone, especially for those that have never gone through a divorce before. It can be easy for first-time divorcees to make mistakes during the process that can needlessly complicate these proceedings. To help ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible, keep the following tips in mind. Make Copies Of Any Financial Records From The Marriage Disentangling the finances of a separating couple can be one of the more complicated and contentious points of the divorce.
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Are There Options For Recourse Against An Estate Trustee For Wrongdoing?

Posted on: 9 June 2016

When an estate goes through the probate process, the trustee of the estate has several responsibilities they must uphold. The trustee is charged with gathering all assets belonging to the estate. The trustee must then satisfy any debts and claims against the estate with these assets. The trustee must also contact all heirs and interested parties and ensure that the proceeds of the estate, if any, are distributed properly among those who are legally entitled to inherit from the estate.
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