How An Association Attorney Can Help You With Legal Documents

Posted on: 12 April 2021

The goal of a community association is to benefit everyone who is a part of that community. However, as part of a governing board, you may find it difficult to successfully interpret and implement rules. Under these circumstances, you might decide to retain an attorney to help you.

Legal Documents

You may need to hire an association attorney to prepare legal documents. You will need to draft an array of documents that allow you to remain in compliance with state laws regarding the association. Bylaws, conditions, covenants, restrictions, rules, and regulations all need to be included in the legal documents. Your association attorney will help you make sure that these documents are drafted in a manner that will ensure that they hold up in court.

Rules also need to be put in place for how the rules found in the legal documents can be amended if those living in the townhome no longer agree to the legal documents. You will want these rules to be drafted by a professional because you will be bound by them in the future.

Even if you were satisfied with your legal documents at one point, you might want to have an attorney review and revise your documents. You may also want to receive advice on whether the rules you are putting in place would hold up in court and whether they are reasonable. 


You will want to hire an association attorney if you need to resolve a dispute. For example, you might attempt to fine an individual only to find out that they dispute that they are in violation of the policy. An attorney can help break down the language of the document to determine if the other party is responsible for a violation.

Before proposing fines, you may need help from an association attorney to prepare a notice of violation and to hold a hearing with the board of directors. 

If you are owed fees that have not yet been paid, an association attorney will be able to assist you in collecting these fees. An attorney will increase the likelihood that the fees will be collected and will allow you to more effectively enforce your policies. Otherwise, the financial burden will fall on the larger community and this may lead to home values declining. 

If you need help dealing with legal documents or disputes relating to your community association, contact an association attorney today.