• What Chapter 7 Filers Should Know About Adversarial Matters

    Adversarial actions can occur in some chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. While it may not happen to everyone, it's important to understand why they happen and how to prevent them. To find out how such an action could affect your bankruptcy, read on. The Notification of an Adversarial Action Once your bankruptcy paperwork is filed by your lawyer, you may receive a letter from your trustee. The bankruptcy trustee presides over your case and keeps you informed of all important actions.
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  • Disputes That Are Likely To Arise During The Probate Process And How An Attorney Can Help Resolve Them

    For many, the probate process is fairly smooth, and the beneficiaries get their rightful inheritance soon after the testator passes on. However, others take longer than expected, especially when disagreements arise. This leads to extra expenses and a longer waiting period for the heirs. For example, you may also not see eye to eye with the person responsible for administering your loved one's estate. In such a case, it might be advisable to hire a lawyer to resolve the dispute and help you to get your rightful inheritance.
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