Why You Still Need A Lawyer With An Uncontested Divorce

Posted on: 27 December 2019

Getting an uncontested divorce basically means that you and your spouse both want a divorce and are working together to settle all the matters and issues of the divorce. A divorce of this nature is generally much easier to go through and can be a lot faster, but it is important to know that you should still hire a divorce lawyer even if you decide to use an uncontested divorce, and here are some of the reasons for this.

Advice for your case

A couple who chooses an uncontested divorce is a couple who is able to work with each other to make decisions that are both legal and fair. When couples choose to have divorces like this, there are still many questions that both spouses may have, and that is one of the reasons you should get a lawyer when going through even an uncontested divorce.

Your lawyer will guide you through the steps of the process and will help you make all the necessary decisions in the matter. Without a lawyer, you may forget to settle certain things that you should settle, or you might not know your options for settling some of the issues you have.

Paperwork necessary for the divorce process

Secondly, any legal event you go through involves paperwork, and this includes a contested divorce. Filling out all the paperwork for the case if vital, and if you are able to fill it all out thoroughly and completely, you might be able to avoid going to court entirely. In other words, through an uncontested divorce, you can settle your divorce case outside of court, and this is a huge benefit to think about. The only thing you must realize is that you will be required to fill out all the necessary paperwork.

Prevention and solution for problems

Finally, having a lawyer through an uncontested divorce will help you do two main things:

  1. Prevent issues that commonly occur in divorce cases.
  2. Settle issues that come up in your case.

If you do not hire a divorce lawyer, you may encounter more problems and have no idea how to solve them.

As you can see, hiring a lawyer is an important step, even if you plan on using an uncontested divorce. If you are ready to begin the divorce process and have questions or need any type of help, contact a divorce law firm such as Ritter & LeClere APC Attorneys At Law, today to learn more.