How To Address A Domestic Violence Situation

Posted on: 3 December 2019

Domestic violence cases are not small matters, and they require you to look after your personal and legal needs. These cases are often time-sensitive since your life or the life of someone that you know is experiencing domestic violence may be in serious jeopardy. It is important that you know how to protect yourself in these situations and also hire the help of the best legal professionals that you can find. To both protect your safety and prove your case in court, consider the following information. 

Protect your safety and survival and get help as quickly as you can

If you are being abused, sometimes you don't have time to slowly and methodically put together a gameplan. When you know that you are in danger, your first priority should be getting to safety. Keep your phone charged and on and be ready to call the police and any emergency contacts so you can get to a safe situation. Look up any shelters or places of refuge in your area that might be able to provide you with a safe haven and some resources. 

When at all in doubt, do your best to get out of the situation. It's better to be safe than sorry, and the other details of your life can be sorted out once you get to safety. 

Hire a great attorney and work with them to craft your case

Since this is also a legal matter, you'll need to do all you can to hire the best attorney for your case. By hiring a domestic violence attorney, you'll have a legal mind by your side to assist you in proving that your domestic partner harmed you. Hiring one of these attorneys can cost you somewhere between about $250 per hour and $450 per hour. 

They will be integral in helping you know what evidence to provide and will make sure that you are watching your step every step of the way during this treacherous and uncertain time. Ask for some references and see who others you know have hired in this sort of situation. If you do happen to go to a shelter, that could be a great place to find some leads on domestic violence attorneys

Be sure that you vet a few firms before finally deciding on the lawyer that you want to do business with. Consider these tips and protect yourself as you look to get your life back in order following domestic violence.