3 Situations When You May Need A Labor Litigation Service For Help

Posted on: 9 October 2019

Even though most public employers do a good job of being just and fair with their employees, there are always some in the bunch who break federal or state labor laws. Unfortunately, when these laws are broken, it is often the employees who have to pay the price or lose time and money. Some situations may arise that require you to speak to a labor litigation service for help with your circumstances. Take a look at some of the situations when you may need to speak with an attorney at a labor litigation service for professional guidance. 

Your employer is not giving you law-required breaks. 

There are laws in place governing how often you should get a break when you work at a public job. These laws can vary depending on what state you live in, but this is allotted time that is outlined by the law, and you must get it. If you frequently work eight-hour shifts without getting a break, you may have a reason to bring up a claim against your employer. Not allowing employees to get their breaks is not providing them with a safe work environment. 

You are being asked by your employer to work off the clock. 

Your employer gives you a schedule to follow, but every time you clock out for lunch or to go home, they are coming up with other things you have to do even though you have clocked out. For example, say you work at a retail store and take lunch at noon every day. However, there is not enough coverage so your employer expects you to stay at the restaurant during lunch and wait on any customers that happen to come in. It is not legal for you to give your time to work-related matters when you are not on the clock. 

You are not getting paid for all of your dedicated work time. 

Maybe you stay after work beyond your schedule every day to help out, but instead of paying you for it as you should be, your paychecks are coming up short. It is illegal for an employer to allow you to work and then not pay you for the time you give them. A labor litigation service can help you determine what is taking place, help you prove you have worked without getting paid, and help you get the money you are owed for your time.