3 Decisions You May Face With Your Criminal Charges

Posted on: 4 September 2019

No matter what type of criminal charges you face, including DUI charges, you will likely be faced with some decisions to make during this time. While you may not have to make all three of these decisions, it is likely you will have to make at least one or two of them, and it is important to discuss all the details with your lawyer before you make any decision in your criminal case.

How To Plead

One of the very first decisions you will face in your criminal case is how you will plead. You can choose to plead guilty if you know you did the crime and are willing to waive all your rights in the matter; however, this is not typical or recommended. Instead, most people will plead not guilty, even if they know they committed the crime. Pleading this way gives you more time and options. It also gives you the ability to choose to have a trial where you could possibly be found not guilty even if you are guilty. Always talk to a criminal lawyer before you plead, simply so you can take advice from legal counsel.

Judge Versus Jury Trial

If you decide to plead not guilty and go to trial for your case, you may have a second decision to make. This decision involves the choice of how your trial is settled. Would you prefer the judge handling the case to decide whether you are guilty or not guilty, or you would you prefer to have a jury decide your fate? In most cases, jury trials are the better of the two options, simply because you usually have around 10 to 12 people deciding what will happen to you instead of just one person.

Plea Agreement Or Trial

The other decision you may have in your case is whether to go to trial and hope they find you not guilty or to accept a plea deal offered by the prosecuting attorney in the matter. There are pros and cons with each, and that is why it is so important to discuss your situation with a lawyer before making up your mind.

These are three decisions you might have to make in your criminal case, and you should not make these decisions alone. Talking to a criminal lawyer prior to your court hearings is a great way to handle the case in the best way possible, and you can do this by contacting a DUI law firm.