What You Should Know When Choosing Case File Jackets

Posted on: 3 July 2019

If you are just starting out as an attorney, you need to take steps to get your office organized. You have to carefully choose from the different organizational options available. This is particularly true regarding case file jackets. The following are some things to consider when you choose the case file jackets you use in your practice.

Big Expansions

A file jacket wraps around a file. One jacket can hold many files, particularly for those longer or bigger cases. Some lawyers choose the standard folders with several fasteners. The fasteners and dividers have adjustable expansions meant to hold a significant amount of paper. Your case file jackets should hold several inches worth of paper. Choose an option that has accordion-style folds that will accommodate folders of different sizes. If you do not prefer the folds, you can choose flat folders with wider edges.

Choose the Best Jacket Material

When choosing your jacket material, especially when you use a large jacket, remember that pressboard jackets are stronger than standard manila folders. You could also opt for a plastic or polyurethane jacket. However, be sure you purchase the opaque variety in this case. Clear jackets do not provide the required privacy for the sensitive information you have in your possession. Translucent jackets do not keep the information private.

Opt for Pre-Printed Jackets

When your clientele grows, you may find it hard to track the important information you have for your cases. Over time, your case file jackets will start to look the same, which can be confusing. Although there are tabs and other organization methods available, you could opt for a pre-printed version. Pre-printed jackets have spaces where you can include the information and details for your clients.

Choose a jacket that has a space for the name and address of the client, as well as dates of meetings, contact information for important parties to the case, court dates, and the like. Also, choose a jacket with a place for you to make additional notes about the case. This makes it easy to quickly glance at the file jacket to discern which jacket belongs with which case.

If you do not feel comfortable with having the information written on the jacket or if you keep your files out where others can see them, you can choose a jacket with inserts where you can include the information. This allows you to hide it better if you keep your files on your desk or in other, more public places.

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