4 Serious Real Estate Law Issues To Keep An Eye On

Posted on: 24 May 2019

The transfer of real estate is arguably one of the most important reasons legal systems exist. In order to facilitate smooth transactions and to protect your property rights, it's a good idea to be aware of the kinds of issues people in the real estate legal services industry keep an eye on. Let's examine four of the biggest concerns you should have.


Sellers are frequently in a position where they have to be careful about the representations they make when listing properties. If you say something that isn't true or fail to disclose an issue in advance, that may be interpreted as fraud. It's a good idea to have someone at a law firm give you a rundown regarding the types of statements you can make in a list and the sorts of disclosures that are required.

Folks who want to get out in front of these types of problems should consider having the properties inspected prior to sale. It's also a good idea to let buyers have their own inspections performed.


The legal sphere is a rich source of data regarding real estate. Many modifications to properties are required by law to go into county registers, and a search through these archives is often a good starting point. That's especially the case if you're looking for something specific about a location. For example, hydrology studies on properties have to be registered, and that means folks looking to sink wells in rural areas can benefit from accessing this sort of information.

The Devil Is in the Details

Transactions are a big part of the real estate world. Whether you're talking about selling or buying a place, taking possession of it after construction or giving it to a loved one, some sort of transaction will take ensue. Along the way, paperwork will need to be drawn up. While plenty of this can seem like boilerplate, it's wise to have an attorney go through the details anyhow. It's better to pay for a boilerplate document to be reviewed than to have a small detail escape your attention and cause legal trouble.


The right to cross someone else's property, legally called an easement, is a major source of disputes among neighbors. Whether you are looking to obtain an easement or have questions about someone request for one, it's prudent to discuss the situation with a lawyer before you talk with the other party.

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