3 Tips To Remember If You Are Pulled Over For DUI

Posted on: 7 January 2019

If you are reading this article, chances are you made a mistake. You might have had one too many drinks at the bar and then decided to drive home. While there are some tips that can help you in the event that you are pulled over under suspicion of DUI, the best tip is of course to never drive drunk in the first place. That said, here are some things you should try and remember if you want to protect your legal rights after you get pulled over by the police.

The Police Can Conduct a DUI Test for Any Reason So Don't Argue

A police officer does not have to see your car swerving all over the place in order to conduct a DUI test. The police could pull you over for speeding, running a stop sign or any other number of minor infractions. If they detect the smell of alcohol or slurred words once you roll down your window, your situation is likely going to escalate. 

In other words, don't try and argue with the cops about how you weren't driving that bad. It really doesn't matter. In fact, don't ever argue with the cops at all during any traffic stop.

You Can Decline Some But Maybe Not All Tests

In general, you have the right to refuse to take a field sobriety test and the Breathalyzer test at the scene of the traffic stop. You should know however that in most states refusing to take one ore both of these tests could get your license automatically suspended, even if it turns out that you are not actually under the influence.

That said, you should also know that if you do get taken to the police station, they may again ask you to take a breath or blood test. In some states, you are legally required to comply with this order once you are at the station and a refusal here could lead to additional charges. You can talk to an attorney for additional clarification, but again, you can typically refuse testing at the scene of the stop but will have a much harder time getting out of it once you are under arrest.

If You Know You Are Drunk, Contact a DUI Lawyer as Soon as Possible

If you know the odds are stacked against you, you need to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you can. The lawyer might not be able to get the charges thrown out but having a lawyer could help reduce the ultimate penalty you are hit with.

Contact a local DUI attorney today for more information.