3 Things You Should Avoid Doing Following A Car Accident To Protect Your Rights

Posted on: 4 January 2017

Getting into a car accident is obviously an unexpected incident. It can leave you feeling disoriented and flustered during the immediate aftermath. But if you want to protect your legal rights to go after the other driver or at least protect yourself from possible prosecution, you'll want to be very careful with your words and actions in the minutes that follow the event. Here are three things you should definitely never do following a car accident.

Never, Ever Apologize

So you know it's your fault. You weren't paying attention, or you were driving too fast, or you thought you could make it through the red light without incident and you were wrong. Regardless of the reason, it's very important in the immediate aftermath of the wreck to keep your mouth shut. You can ask if the other driver is ok, but do not apologize for causing the wreck. An apology can be viewed as an admission of guilt. Even if it's likely that a court will find you in the wrong anyway, it's important not to do anything that will make a potential prosecution even easier for the other driver.

Don't Leave Without Getting a Police Report

If you are in a more minor fender bender, you may be thinking about just exchanging information with the other driver and going on your way. But people can often change their minds about what happened during a car accident, especially after the insurance companies get involved. To cover your back, get an official account with the local police filed. If there does end up being a dispute, such a report could prove invaluable.

Don't Talk to the Other Driver's Insurer

It's custom practice following a car accident for the two insurance companies involved to communicate with each other and duke it out if necessary. But insurance companies also like to call and obtain recorded statements from the drivers involved. While it's usually ok to talk to your own agent, you should know that you are under no obligation to talk to the agent from the other provider. Above all else, just remember that anything you say could end up being used against you.

While the aftermath of a car accident can be an emotional time, it's important to keep your cool. Be polite but don't apologize and make sure you get a police report filed. If you feel like you have a legal case to pursue or you just want some help dealing with the other driver's insurance agent, consider contacting a car accident attorney today.