Why You Need An Attorney When You're Going Through A Divorce

Posted on: 26 September 2016

Going through a divorce is arguably one of the most difficult times in anyone's life.  The dissolution of a relationship that may have once held so much promise can be disheartening and can stir up a flurry of emotions.  Couple this with the fact that divorce is a legal issue, and you have a recipe for emotional turmoil.  If you're going through this, you may be striving to handle the situation on your own.  However, it may be a better idea to enlist the help of a divorce lawyer.  Use this information to learn why you absolutely must have a lawyer when you're dealing with a divorce.

An Attorney Helps You Split Things Properly

One of the main reasons why you should hire a lawyer to handle your divorce is because they can help ensure that you and your former partner split things up properly.  This is vital, because you wouldn't want an oversight to cause you to be on the financial hook for a bill that you shouldn't have to repay.

For example, your soon to be ex-partner may have asked you to take out a loan or credit card in your name, promising to pay the note back themselves.  You may have agreed because their credit rating may not have been as high as yours, so you could command a better interest rate.

Remember that the loan or card is in your name.  This means if you don't explicitly state in the divorce decree that your former partner has agreed to take responsibility for repayment, the lender could then come after you.

Your lawyer is an objective third party that can help bring things like this to your remembrance.  You may not be in the best state of mind, so it's always good to have a second set of eyes and ideas to help ensure that things are split up properly.

Divorce Attorneys Help With Custody Issues

If you have children with your marriage partner, custody issues will likely also be a major part of your divorce journey.  Your attorney will work to get you a custody agreement that you are satisfied with.  Dealing with custody issues without a lawyer can be a mistake, since your partner may have already enlisted legal help that is building a custody case against you.

Working with a divorce attorney may prove to be a wise decision.  Contact one of these legal professionals today so you can benefit from their expertise.