Help Your Preschooler Feel Secure And Remain Well-Adjusted If You And Your Spouse Are Divorcing

Posted on: 29 June 2016

If your preschooler is having trouble accepting the fact that you and your spouse will be divorcing and living in separate households, the following tips may help them cope with the situation. As long as you and your child's other parent strive to keep your offspring's needs met and provide unconditional love to them, they may feel secure and remain well-adjusted.

Set Up A Fair Visitation Schedule Through Your Lawyer

Speak to your lawyer about a visitation schedule that will provide your child with ample time with you and their other parent. Your lawyer will speak to your spouse's lawyer in order to go over the details in the schedule. If the other side agrees, the schedule will be presented to a judge and they will be likely to approve it. Reassure your child about the days and times that they will spend with you and their other parent. Try to stick to the schedule so that your preschooler can depend upon it and will remain trusting in both you and your spouse.

Seek Assistance Through A Mediator If A Conflict Arises

If you and your spouse cannot see eye-to-eye, regarding a matter that pertains to your child, do not sulk or let time pass by without trying to resolve the conflict. Instead, seek assistance from a mediator. Your lawyer may be able to suggest a mediator who has helped many other families and who is used to dealing with young children.

During an appointment with a mediator, you, your spouse, and your child will be allowed to speak separately and voice any concerns, without needing to worry about being criticized or judged. The mediator may be able to provide suggestions that both you and your spouse are satisfied with and that will help to keep the channels of communication open between you. The mediator will take your child's wishes into consideration, as well, and will make sure that any agreements that are made are in your youngster's best interests.

Make Each Moment Matter And Verbally Reassure Your Child

Spend quality time with your child to make lasting memories and do not take any moments for granted. Do not try to outdo your other spouse or spend money that is not within your means in order to please your child. Instead, take time to laugh with your offspring and make them feel cherished. Verbally reassure your child on a regular basis so that they continue to feel loved and wanted. Avoid speaking negatively about your spouse and allow your child to love both of you in the same manner that they did before you and your spouse decided to seek a divorce.

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