Proving A Store Was Negligent In Floor Maintenance

Posted on: 9 May 2016

If you recently fell inside a store, and you sustained an injury, you likely want to prove the business was at fault so you can be compensated for medical expenses and lost wages. Proving negligence after a slip and fall accident may be a bit difficult, but can be done by using the following tips.

Retain An Attorney To Help Find Similarities With Past Cases

The best way to prove you had gotten hurt due to the fault of another is with help from a professional attorney. They have the means available to look up past similar cases to find out how others proved negligence in the same type of situation. They can request documentation from medical professionals who had patients treated for similar slip and fall cases. This background information will help build your case when it goes a courtroom for evaluation.

Follow All Medical Advice Given To Prove The Injury Is Valid

When someone fails to follow the treatment advice of their doctor, it makes them look less likely to have gotten as injured as they claim. To avoid having others question your intentions, make sure you fill prescriptions on time and keep all appointments with your physician. Have your doctor give you documentation after each visit showing your current condition. This information will be looked at in detail and may help prove your injury was not due to your own accord.

Gather Witnesses, Photographic Evidence, And Maintenance Logs

The more information you have at your disposal about the site where the incident occurred, the better your chance will be in proving what had happened during your fall. Have someone go into the store to take photographs of the area where you had fallen to prove the conditions are not safe for people walking through the area. A video of the person walking through the spot could be helpful to show dips in the flooring, damage along the footpath, or items spilled where people frequent. 

Have an attorney like Randall A. Wolff & Associates, Ltd request a log of maintenance done in this area from the business to prove they had not been doing their part in upkeep needed to keep customers safe. If you know people were present at the time of your fall, track them down so they can give statements to the attorney about what they had witnessed. This information may take a while to gather, but it will be key in showing the courtroom you did fall because of inaccurate care of the area of the store.