Considering Becoming a Surrogate Mother? Important Things to Consider

Posted on: 4 August 2015

For many women, becoming a mother is a lifelong dream, yet many women can't realize that dream on their own. Whether it's a result of infertility or because of health-related complications, if a woman in your life is unable to become pregnant, you may be considering becoming a surrogate for her.

Before you make the decision to become a surrogate mother, you need to do some serious thinking. While being able to provide someone you love with a baby is unquestionably amazing, there are a lot of things that need to be considered.

How Physically Healthy Are You?

The state of your physical health is a serious consideration when deciding whether or not you should become a surrogate. Your physical condition will greatly impact the health and the development of the baby. Clearly, this implies things like not smoking and not using alcohol or drugs, as well as not being afflicted with a long-term or life-threatening illness. However, things like being severely overweight or having issues with high blood pressure also need to be considered.

Your physical health will not only affect the developing baby, but the developing baby can impact your physical health, especially if you are already afflicted with certain conditions.

What is the State of Your Mental Health?

Aside from being physically healthy, you should also be in good mental health to become a surrogate mother. Fluctuating hormone levels can aggravate certain mental conditions. For instance, if you are already prone to depression, you may be more likely to suffer from postpartum depression if you become a surrogate.

What are the Legalities?

Surrogacy involves more than just you and the people you would like to carry a baby for; it also involves the law.

A family lawyer will need to be involved in the handling of all paperwork and documents that are required to make the surrogacy legal. For example, you may be required to sign certain consent documents before you become a surrogate and after the baby is born. A family lawyer will be able to ensure that all legalities are abided by, and the fees of this lawyer should not be paid by you, but by those who you are acting as a surrogate for. If you have questions about this process, speak with a family lawyer from a firm like Mills & Mills Law Group.

Understand the Responsibility

Being a surrogate is a huge responsibility. The decisions you make and the lifestyle you live during the 40 weeks you are pregnant will greatly impact the developing baby. It is of utmost importance that you understand what a big responsibility being a surrogate is and that you are able to handle that responsibility.

If you believe that you are fit to handle being a surrogate mother, it could be the best and most life-changing gift that you could give.