How To Determine Your Homes Property Lines

Posted on: 28 April 2015

When you buy a home, you probably don't worry much about your property lines. You see the fence that separates your home from your neighbor's and it doesn't concern you. However, there may come a point when there is a boundary line dispute when one of you starts a home remodeling project or you decide to work on your yard. If this occurs, you need to know where your property lines are. These tips can help you find those property lines.

Find Your Deed

The first and often the easiest way to determine your property lines is by checking the deed. The deed doesn't usually include a detailed map of the property lines, but it will describe the property boundaries. Find the description of the property lines and see if you can measure the landmarks to determine the property lines.

Depending on your type of property, they might use street signs, creeks, trees, or other landmarks to explain where the property lines are. If you can't find these landmarks because they have since been moved, you will need to revert to the other options.

Visit Your Local Assessor's Office

The next step is to make a visit to your local assessor's or county recorder's office. They should have some maps available of your property that can be viewed by the public. You may need to pay a small fee to get a copy of these maps. You can use maps to look at the dimensions of your property lines as they were explained in the deed.

The maps won't tell you the property lines specifically, but can be used to measure the boundary lines as they are described in the deed. They might also have online mapping tools that let you find the landmarks the deed was talking about.

Check the Property Survey

Property surveys are often performed when a house or property is sold. Check your records to see if you can find a copy of your property survey. The property survey will have a map on it called a plat. This will actually show the exact property boundaries and include measurements.

If you don't think you received one or you lost your copy, you can request another copy at the local clerk's office or a surveyor's office.

Hire a Professional

If you are still struggling to determine the exact property lines, contact a professional surveyor to give you more detailed explanations. They will measure your property and map it out, telling you exactly where the property boundary is. They can also use stakes to mark the corners of your property. If those stakes end up in your neighbor's yard, then you know your own yard is a little too big. However, if some of their structure is on your property, you can request them to move it.

If you get caught up in a lawsuit regarding your home's property lines, hiring a real estate lawyer is essential. Have more questions? Contact a professional such as Iannello Anderson to learn more.